How storytelling can improve your advertising and marketing.

Marketing and advertising have to evolve. This is because people are much more savvy and much more skeptical than ever before.

You must be a truthmonger and hawk it to the roofs, expose flaws in your products but show why it’s a good thing.

frame a benefit around a story so people can understand what you are saying more easily.

Leave the old sausage ‘features’ behind and truly understand the meaning of benefit driven copy.

Make those benefits personal to your audience, make them ‘feel’ their worst nightmares and offer your product as the solution.

this should be easy guys, all you have to do is be yourself.

or as the stoics would have it ‘Know thyself’

I was reading the seven pillars of wisdom which I think is a barton number.

PT Barnum was great at marketing and advertising, he knew how to excite and draw in a crowd.

and that’s what you must do, like gary halbert said when presenting to a ted nicholas seminar “Astonish them! Astonish them! Astonish them!”

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